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Aislinn Greer is a Gardnerian and a close friend of Elloren Gardner. She is the former fast mate of Damion Bane. She is mated to Jarod Ulrich.

Physical Description[]

Aislinn is a slight, plain young woman with intelligent, kind, green eyes. She has long black hair and pale skin with an emerald shimmer. She wears the black and conservative clothing of the most religious Gardnerians and a silver Erthia sphere necklace. She is very neat. Her clothes are perfectly pressed and her hair is carefully brushed and pulled back from her face. After becoming fasted, she has black fastlines on her hands and wrists.


Aislinn is kind and caring. She loves books more than anything. She is studying to become an archivist. She has a good sense of humor and loves gossip.


Early History[]

Aislinn's father is on the Mage Council and supports Marcus Vogel. Aislinn comes from a large and very conservative family. Her two sisters, Auralie and Liesbeth, are already wandfasted. She is the only female in her family to have ever attended university. She is working to become an archivist. She is going to be wandfasted to Randall Greyson. She tells Elloren that she has to finish her studies at Verpax before being fasted to Randall because he won't allow her to come back to finish them afterwards.

The Black Witch[]

  • Meets Elloren at Vyvian Damon's ball.
  • She sits with Elloren at Orientation and gives her information about the different students and races. She also gets her information, such as maps and her lecture schedule, since Elloren was being wandtested.
  • Aislinn is fearful of taking Chemistrie with the Lupines in the class because her father would never allow her to do so, but she can't change to a different class. Elloren convinces her to stay in the class with her.

The Iron Flower[]

Aislinn went to visit her father to ask him not to make her fast to Randall. Her father refused and says that she must fast to him as soon as possible. When she tries to change his mind, he tells her that "a daughter who disobeys her father is a daughter no more."[1]

The Shadow Wand[]

When Damion Bane attacks Elloren at the Victory Celebration, he reveals that he's been wandfasted to Aislinn. Lukas has Effrey, Sparrow, and Thierren get Aislinn out of Gardneria. When Aislinn and Elloren are reunited, Aislinn is clearly hurt from Damion. She has a healing bruise on her cheek and a fresher ring of bruising around the base of her neck. A deep line is between her eyes that wasn't there before. Aislinn tells Elloren that she plans to join the Lupines. She says that Jarod won't want her because Lupines mate for life and Damion "did things to her and made her do things." She wants Jarod to make her a Lupine so she can come back to kill Damion. She flees east with Effrey, Sparrow, Thierren, and Raz'zor.


Jarod Ulrich[]

Jarod and Aislinn begin to fall in love over their shared love of poetry. However, Aislinn fights her love of Jarod because she knows it would result in her family casting her out and she loves them. Jarod even reads the Gardnerian’s holy book in an attempt to understand Aislinn better. It only helps him understand why it doesn’t matter how much he loves Aislinn, she’ll never be free of her religion and upbringing.

Elloren Gardner[]

Elloren and Aislinn quickly become best friends at Verpax.


  • Aislinn enjoys secretly reading love poems.