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Alfsigr Elves are an elfin race that live in Alfsigr Lands, located in the Western Realm. Their land is also known as Alfsigroth.

Physical Appearance[]

Alfsigr Elves have white skin and hair, and silver eyes. Their eyes are like liquid metal mixed with starlight. They have gracefully pointed ears. They wear all white clothing. The Alfsigr Elves wear their long, white hair decorated with thin braids. They are very beautiful.

The Marfoi are Elfin assassins. Their appearance is distorted. They're unnaturally tall and stretched out with horns of undulating smoke and gray insectile eyes.


They became allies of the Gardnerians during and after the Realm War. The Alfsigr removed and banned the Elfhollen from their lands.

A long time ago the Alfsigr were about to die out when their leaders discovered new and very useful properties of demonic runes. The leaders enchanted necklaces with they runes and made their people wear them. The runic necklaces suppress emotions. They also force the wearer to believe fully in the Alfsigr culture, to the degree that if a person disobeys their culture's teachings, they begin to hate themselves. Sylmire Talonir tells the story of this event. She recounts how during the Elfin Wars, the Alfsigr Priestess class got hold of Deargdul’thil runes. The priestesses knew that this was wicked sorcery, but felt that they, as the bearers of the One True Faith, had the power to wield it for “the good.” They used the runes to create the Zalyn’or and force obedience to the Alfsigr faith, culture, and Council hierarchy.[1]


The Alfsigr prize their blood and culture. They hate those with mixed blood as much as the Gardnerians. They are very protective of their women. They are known for making the Maelorian violin, the highest-quality violin in the Western Realm. It's made in the northern Maelorian Mountains from rare Alfsigr spruce. One of their staple grains is Alfsigr acorn meal. Alfsigr Elves are archers, some of the most dangerous warriors on all of Erthia. The Elian'thir is one of the Alfsigr's most important ceremonies. The Elian'thir is the Alfsigr coming-of-age ceremony when an Alfsigr recieves their Zalyn'or.


The language they speak is called Alfsigr. They sometimes refer to their language as "High Alfsigr" in comparison to the language of the Smaragdalfar Elves, whose language they refer to as "Low Alfsigr." The Gardnerians call their language "Elfish." Alfsigr is a complicated language.

Known Words[]

  • Ruus'fayn: A curse word
  • Vorn'in: Coal
  • Strill'ian: Midnight
  • Solil'lynir: Loneliness


Their holy book is called The Elliontorin. In Alfsigr, their holy book is called the Ealaiontorian. The Alfsigr believe the creators of Erthia are the Shining Ones. They are the Keepers of the Inner Sanctum. They believe their rich art, music, and culture is proof of their being superior to other races. Their religious leaders are the Alfsigr Circle of Priestesses.


The Alfsigr Elves' government is the Alfsigr Royal Council. Their current monarch is Iolrath Talonir.

Powers & Abilities[]

The Alfsigr Elves have rune magic, which is performed with a rune stylus. The seers of the Alfsigr use the casting of wooden dice.

Known Members[]


  • The Alfsigr Elves' flag is pure white.


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