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The Amazakaran, or the Amaz, is a race of warrior horsewomen of the Caledonian mountains. They allow women of any race to join them. They do not allow men into their tribe, or anywhere on their land, the Amazakaran Territory.

Physical Appearance[]

The Amaz are muscular women who wear black pants, boots, and red tunics that shine brightly with fiery crimson rune-marks. They usually have facial markings shaped like the runes on their clothing, as well as some piercings. As they let any women join their tribe, they do not have a singular look. Some are pale with blond hair, and others have skin in varying shades of brown and a rainbow of Urisk hues. Others have red hair and some have white-rose hair. Their weapon of choice is a giant battle ax they wear strapped to their back.



The Amaz usually execute any men who enters their land. The Amaz use rune-magery to only give birth to girls, but it doesn't always work. If a male baby is born, they leave them in the Lupine forests to die, but the Lupine usually take them in. The Amaz refer to themselves as the Amazakaran Free Peoples of the Caledonian Mountains.


Their deity is called the Great Mother, Ama. She created the world and everything in it. And the first people she made were the Three Sisters. After they were created, Ama saw that the Sisters were lonely, so she took a bone from each of their fists and made the First Men. The First Men were not grateful for all the Goddess had done for them. Instead, they tried to convince the Three Sisters to join them and slay the Great Mother, so that they could rule over all of Erthia.

One of the sisters refused to betray the Great Mother. She went to her and warned her of their terrible plan. The Great Mother renamed this First Sister Amaz, and set down a curse on the others. The two Sisters who betrayed the Goddess were sent to live with the First Men, who were strengthened by the extra bone in their fist and emboldened. They sought to enslave these two Sisters and abused them in every way. But the loyal Daughter was greatly blessed by the Goddess and remained strong and free. Thus, from the beginnings of time, men have been untrustworthy and only interested in cruelty and domination.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Rune Magic - The Amaz have rune magic. The runes are red and are "crafted from a melding of several runic systems." They enhance the magical power of each individual.
  • Telepathy with horses - The Amaz are also able to talk to their horses with their minds.

Known Members[]