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Diana Ulrich is a Lupine and the daughter of the Southern Alpha, Gunther Ulrich, of the Gerwulf Pack. Jarod is her twin brother.

Physical Description[]

Diana is beautiful with long blond hair, and bright, wild, amber eyes. She has an air of royalty about her, with her chin held high. She wears plain clothing. Diana's body is "long and slender, all lean muscle, but curvaceous enough to interest any man."[1] This is a bit of a problem as Lupine and Gardnerian cultures have opposite views on nudity.


Diana loves a fight and is an extremely talented warrior. She is incredibly confident in herself and her abilities. She is hot-tempered, stubborn, and lacks any sense of tact at all. Diana believes that Lupines are inherently superior to other races, but she doesn't believe in killing them over it. She thinks everyone should become Lupine. Diana can be imperious at times. She is patient and kind with children.

There is a logic behind her actions, but she operates with entirely different set of values and premises with which to draw her conclusions than others. This results in others having to repeatedly tell her she can't maim or kill people as revenge for their evil deeds, even if they might deserve it. Diana is completely unbothered by being nude around others. While this can be common among shapeshifters, this is also another example of her disdain for non-Lupine social conventions.


Early History[]

The Black Witch[]

  • She is roommates with Echo Flood, Fallon Bane, Tierney Calix, and Paige Snowden.
  • She is upset with Professor Volya for not allowing her to be partners with Jarod. She is partnered with Elloren until Aislinn switches with her.
  • When Fallon tries to cut Diana's hair while she's asleep, Diana attacks her in self-defense and throws Fallon's wand into the fireplace.
  • She moves into the North Tower with Wynter, Ariel, and Elloren.
  • She begins a relationship with Rafe.
  • She helps rescue Naga.

The Iron Flower[]

Diana is ecstatic to be reunited with her family at Founder's Day. She introduces Rafe to her father and mother. She is then introduced to Uncle Edwin. Edwin and Diana then spend time with Diana's little sister, Kendra.

The Shadow Wand[]

Diana, Jarod, and Rafe are somewhere in the Eastern Realm.

Powers & Abilities[]

Lupine shapeshifter


Rafe Gardner[]

Rafe and Diana become friends and hunting partners almost immediately after being introduced. Their friendship quickly blossoms into a romance. Diana and Rafe are besoted with each other. Rafe's love for Diana is so strong that he casts of his Gardnerian history and identity and becomes Lupine. This allows them to become mates.

Elloren Gardner[]

Elloren and Diana are very close friends.

Memorable Quotes[]



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