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Edwin Gardner is Elloren Gardner's paternal uncle. He raised Elloren and her brothers, Rafe and Trystan, after their parents died.

Physical Description[]

Edwin Gardner has the typical features of Gardnerians, with black hair, green eyes, and pale skin with an emerald shimmer. He has a scraggly bears and a shy, friendly smile. He wears a pair of spectacles. Edwin is getting older and it shows in his stiff joints and he has developed a lingering illness that makes him weak.


Edwin raised Elloren and her brothers with love and affection. He is incredibly protective of Elloren and kept her sheltered from the larger world. He was always reluctant to let her venture far from Halfix. One of his most unique traits is that he believes the Gardnerian power structure to be unfair towards women. Even though women are not allowed in the music crafter's Guilds, Edwin taught Elloren how to craft violins after her natural talent was undeniable. He also wants her to wait to become wandfasted until she is older, and wants her to make the choice based on love. Edwin disapproves of religion of any kind.

In contrast to his vindictive, hateful sister, his brother, who was a powerful Mage, and his mother, the Black Witch, Edwin was a musician and violin maker with almost no magic who lived simply, brought his nieces and nephews up humbly and never harmed anyone.

Uncle Edwin's quiet, bookish nature may be a bit of a ruse. Cael Eirllyn points out to Elloren, Rafe, and Trystan that they are as close to Gardnerian royalty as one can get. Thus, Uncle Edwin's decision to raise them to be so subversive was very brave. Cael believes it will get Edwin killed and thinks he must be very clever to still be alive.


Early History[]

Edwin is the son of Carnissa Gardner, the powerful Mage known as the Black Witch. His siblings are Vyvian and Vale. As a child, their mother was usually off conquering lands for Gardneria, so Edwin and Vale were raised by one of their mother's Urisk servants.

Edwin never fasted and had no children of his own. When his brother Vale, and his fastmate Tessla Harrow, died during the Realm War, Edwin took in their three children and raised them as his own. Originally they lived in Valgard where Edwin owned and ran a violin shop. After Vyvian inquired about the results of the children's wandtesting, he moved the family to Halfix.

The Black Witch[]

When Vyvian wrote him a letter telling him that she would be visiting to discuss Elloren's future, Edwin began making arrangements for Elloren to attend Verpax University. He tells Elloren he did this because he believed her aunt did not want what was best for her and that he was trying to protect her. Knowing Vyvian would not be willing pay Elloren's university fees, he arranged for Elloren to pay her tithe through kitchen labor.


Vyvian Damon[]

Edwin does not have a good relationship with his sister. While Edwin might have the legal control of the family, Vyvian truly has the power. Edwin is visibly afraid and nervous around his sister, even as an adult. He does his best to avoid her.

Elloren Gardner, Rafe Gardner, and Trystan Gardner[]

Edwin is the only parent the siblings know. He raised them with love and affection. Edwin clearly wants them to make their own choices in life, and he is incredibly protective of them.


  • Edwin has never allowed wands or grimoires in the house.