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Elfhollen are half-Elf with Mountain Fae Blood.

Physical Appearance[]

They look mostly like elves, with silver-gray skin and hair, and silver eyes. Their military uniforms are slate gray, and they use small white star markings to denote the soldier's rank. Traditional Elfhollen clothing is a pale gray, long, formfitting tunic, gray pants, and boots. They have perfect balance and are very agile. They are usually seen with their bows.


The Elfhollen were driven from the Alfsigr Lands by the Alfsigr Elves. The Elfhollen now mostly reside in Verpacia. They are one of the only reasons Verpacia is able to keep control of the Pass.



The language they speak is also called Elfhollen.


Powers & Abilities[]

The Elfhollen do not have magical abilities. They are deadly archers and are part of the Verpacian Guard. They have perfect balance and are quite agile.

Known Members[]

  • Orin Morlyr
  • Connor Haldash: a historian and translator of A Comprehensive History of the Faekin
  • Kol


  • There's quite a bit of sympathy for the Elfhollen in Noi lands and they're allowed safe passage through the desert.