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Erthia is the name of the world in which The Black Witch Chronicles takes place. The world is similar to our own, but has its own geography and history. Technology is at the medieval level. This world contains magic and fantasy races.

Geography & Notable Locations[]

Western Realm[]

The Western Realm prior to the Realm War

Unknown Territories[]

The areas to the north, east, and south are not labelled politically. To the northeast are the Northern Caledonian Mountains and the Northern Forest, and to the south are the Southern Caledonian Mountains. To the east is a large desert. Below the Southern Caledonian Mountains are the Wastelands, which are labeled as "destroyed by war." The Wastelands was formerly Uriskan, and was the home of the Urisk.


Gardneria is located in the central part of the Western Realm. It also includes the Pyrran Islands and the Fae Islands in the Voltic Sea. After the Realm War, Gardneria was ten times its original size. Its capital city is Valgard. The rural areas are wilderness and forests interspersed with farmland. Closer to Valgard, the land becomes increasingly dotted with small towns. A large river runs north from Malthorin Bay into Lupine Territory.


Verpacia occupies a thin sliver of territory between the Northern Spine and the Souther Spine mountain ranges. The western pass opens near Valgard, Gardneria, and the eastern pass opens near the Eastern Desert. Verpacia is a central trade route in the region, facilitating the movement of goods between the west and the east. It is also the location of Verpax University, located in the capital city of Verpax. 

Amazakaran Territory[]

The Amazakaran Territory occupies a small area above the western third of the Northern Spine. Any men who are caught in their land is killed, even if the man didn't know he had entered their territory.


Keltania is to the south of Gardneria, separated only by the Southern Lupine Territory. The northeast corner ends at the Western Pass and contains the city of Lyndon.

Lupine Territories[]

To the north and south of Gardneria are the heavily forested Northern and Southern Lupine Territories.

Alfsigr (Elfin) Lands[]

The Alfsigr Lands are located north of Gardneria, and are separated from them by the Northern Lupine Territory. This territory include the Icelandic Mountains, and in the north are the Maelorian Mountains and the city of Maeloria.


Past the Eastern Pass is a large area of various deserts. To the north is the Northern Ice Ocean. Below it is the Northern Mountains. In the center is a region called Issaan. Bordering this region are four deserts: the Issani Desert, the Dyoi Desert, the Ishkart Desert, and the Agolith Desert. To the south is the South Ocean, the Salish Ocean, and the country of Ishkartaan.

Eastern Realm[]

The Eastern Realm is bordered on the west by the Dyoi Desert. In the north is a country called Zhilaan. Going through the middle of the Eastern Realm are two large rivers, the Zonor River and the Vo River, that empty into the Salish Ocean. Between these rivers is the Vo Mountains. On the west of the Zonor River is the Dyoi Forest and then the Dyoi Mountains. On the eastern side of the Vo Mountains is the Wyvernguard. On the eastern side of the Vo River is Voloi Mountains Range, which contains the Issani military base named Voloni.


The country in the Northeast of the Eastern Realm is called Noilaan.

Salishen Isles[]

To the south is the Salishen Isles, where the Salish people live.

Finally, the ocean to the east of the Voloi Mountain Range is the Eastern Ocean.


Although not explicitly stated, the included map seems to imply that the action of The Black Witch takes place primarily on and around a continent named Caledonia, which is divided into Western and Eastern Realms, bordered by the Voltic Sea to the west.

The scale is not shown, but statements by the author mention that it takes around a week to travel from Halfix to Valgard, which is 1/3 vertically and 1/4 horizontally. If this distance were around 300 miles, the map would be 900x1200 miles or about the area of Argentina. It is assumed that all of Caledonia is at least twice that size.



Although it is not explicitly stated, it appears as if the universe in The Black Witch Chronicles operates on a calendar similar to our own. The books reference all the seasons by name (summer, fall, winter, and spring), but they do not use the same names for months, days, or hours. For example, in The Iron Flower, a rule is passed that will be enforced by the "fifth month" and characters meet at the "fifth hour."