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The Fae are a race in Erthia.

Types of Fae
Type Description Visual
Asrai Fae Also known as "Water Fae", they can control water.
Dryads Fae protected by the woods and have lived in hiding in the dark forest for many years. They have dark green skin, black hair, and sparkling green eyes. As they age their hair turns white. Their magic links them to the trees and they can utilize branches. Their magic is called branch magic. Gardnerians can trace their heritage to them. Also called Tree Fae. Believed to be killed off long ago by the Kelts.
Hollen Fae
Laminak Fae
Lasair Fae Also known as "Fire Fae", they can control fire
Moss Fae
Primordial Fae also called Death Fae, they collect souls, they are very rare, only three are known and they are solitary, everyone is terrified of them.
Sidhe Fae
Skogsra Fae
Solitary Fae
Sylphan Fae control air
Ymir Fae


The Fae originated from the Fae Islands. After the Realm War, almost all the Fae in the Western Realm are dead or in hiding. Gardnerian history teaches their people that the Sidhe Fae subdued and ruled over the Urisk. Later, the Kelts subdued the Fae in what seemed like an endless cycle of warfare and violence.



Power & Abilities[]

  • Elemental Magics: The Fae have the power to control an element. For example the Lasair have control over fire and the Asrai have control over water. The Fae are also able to glamour themselves.

Known Members[]