The flora and fauna of Erthia are important symbols to the various races of the Western Realm.

Flora: Plants[edit | edit source]

  • Frosted Hawthorn: an elegant wood
  • Star Maple: has delicate, pointed, gold leaves
  • Ironwood Tree: a luxurious and dark wood; it's traditional for Gardnerians' homes to be made of this wood and styled in designs that look like forests and trees.
  • River Oak: has textured, undulating branches
  • Alfsigr Spruce: a rare tree in the northern Maelorian Mountains used to make the Maelorian violin.
  • River Maple: a smooth tree
  • Verpacian Elm: a tree with velvety bark; used to make stoves in the labs at Verpax University
  • Rock Maple: a soothing wood
  • Nilantyr: a powerful and addictive sedative
  • Herbs: nettlewood, briarsweet, black-cherry
  • Nigella Tree: has winding black limbs graced with deep purple leaves; it's sap is rich and slow
  • Gorthan Tree: located in the inaccessible northwestern forests

Fauna: Animals[edit | edit source]

  • Cats: Elloren has a white kitten named Isabel
  • Runehawk: used as messenger birds
  • Pit dragon: a particularly vicious type of dragon, they're pure dragon and thus don't shift.
  • Wyrms: shapeshifters who breathe lightning and can control the weather; rumored to be in the Eastern Realm.
  • Dragons: it is rumored that there are other types of dragons besides the Gardnerian military dragons in the Eastern Realm.
  • Hydreenas: huge, boar-shaped beasts that are vicious and can track scents over long distances.
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