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Gardneria is a country located in the Western Realm. People from this country are called Gardnerians.

Capital city is Valgard


Gardneria is located in the central part of the Western Realm. It also includes the Pyrran Islands and the Fae Islands in the Voltic Sea. After the Realm War, Gardneria was ten times its original size. The rural areas are wilderness and forests interspersed with farmland. Closer to Valgard, the land becomes increasingly dotted with small towns.



  • The government of Gardneria is the Mage Council, which is led by the High Mage.
  • The military of Gardneria is the Mage Guard, which is led by the High Commander. The Fifth Division is the military's best trackers. It's impossible to hide from them. They gained notoriety during the Realm War by finding secret enemy bases and groups of Fae.


The Fae Islands[]

The Fae Islands were made part of Gardneria's territory after the Realm War. They are a work colony for the Urisk. The Urisk on the island are paid barely enough to survive and are laboring in conditions akin to out-and-out slavery. They have no freedom of movement, no means of leaving the Islands for a better life as they are heavily guarded, and children are forced to labor as well. There are only two ways Urisk can leave the Islands. One is by paying a steep price to pirates who will smuggle them out but often deliver them to a worse master. The other way is by becoming indentured servants to the Gardnerians, which is also little more than glorified slavery with thee threat of deportment always hanging over them.[1]

The Pyrran Isles[]

The Pyrran Isles is a storm-lashed military prison and war camp where the Gardnerians sent their enemies at the end of the Realm War.

Notable Locations[]

Notable Inhabitants[]



Gardneria before the Realm War

The Pyrran Isles and the Fae Islands


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