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Jarod Ulrich is a Lupine and the son of the Southern Alpha, Gunther Ulrich, of the Gerwulf Pack. Diana is his twin sister.

Physical Description[]

Jarod has riveting, bright amber eyes that glow in an inhuman way that seems almost feral. He has sandy-blonde hair and a lean body. He wears simple, earth-toned clothing.


Jarod has a calm, friendly expression that stands out in bold contrast to his fierce eyes. He is much quieter and more reserved than his sister Diana. He is kind and smart and loves reading. Jarod is not prone to judgement or prying. Like his sister, he is very blunt.


Early History[]

The Black Witch[]

Jarod helps Elloren when Fallon Bane makes her trip during Orientation at Verpax University. He is partnered with Aislinn Greer in Chemistrie. He bonds with Aislinn over their shared love of poetry.

The Iron Flower[]

The Shadow Wand[]

Jarod, Diana, and Rafe are somewhere in the Eastern Realm.

Powers & Abilities[]

Lupine Shapeshifter


Aislinn Greer[]

They are deeply in love with each other, but they can't be together because of Aislinn's family. While at first Aislinn fears Jarod because Gardnerian religion teaches that Lupines are Evil Ones, when she learns he loves poetry she is forced to change her thinking. She tells Elloren that "no one can be an Evil One and love poetry."