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Kelts are a human race that live in the country of Keltania, located in the Western Realm.

Physical Appearance[]

Kelts are varied in appearance, with a rainbow of light hair shades, eye coloring, and skin tones. Their clothing is typically brown in color and very plain, like work clothes.


The Kelts arrived in the Western Realm around the year 2,000 D. They were fleeing a war, the distant Keltic lands now impossible to return to. A thick band of kracken-infested sea makes it treacherous to travel there. The Kelts came, jammed onto ships, half starved, to the Western Realm. They were immediately set upon and promptly enslaved by the Fae. When the Kelts realized that the iron they are impervious to is death to the Fae, they were able to gain the upper hand. The iron-wielding Kelts then annihilated most of the Fae and took over a large chunk of the land. The Kelts killed off the Dryad Fae.


The Kelts were now the ruling power in the Western Realm. They were prejudiced against the Gardnerians. The Kelts treated the Gardnerians very badly, and abused them in every way. The Gardnerians were treated like slaves and sometimes killed at birth. The Kelts saw them as "half-breeds polluted by Fae blood."[1] Kelts are more accepting of innter-species marriages, thus they have a more varied appearance than some other races.

Keltic soldiers wear russet military tunics over black pants. Ax-paladins are one of the strongest and most feared of the Keltic soldiers.



Their holy book is The Book of the Ancients.

Powers & Abilities[]

Kelts don't possess any magic.

Known Members[]


  • Kelts, like just about all races in the Western Realm, don't tolerate same-sex relationships.
  • It is completely forbidden for women to nurse in public. Women must nurse privately and with the baby hidden away underneath loose tunics.


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