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Lukas Grey is a powerful Level Five Mage who is quickly gaining power in the Gardnerian military. He is wandfasted to Elloren Gardner.

Physical Description[]

Elloren describes Lukas as the best-looking man she has ever seen. He has strong, finely chiseled features, riveting deep green eyes, and pale skin with an emerald shimmer. He moves with a fluid grace. Lukas is "tall with broad shoulders, the lean body of a natural athlete, and the controlled movements of a panther."[1] He often cocks one of his black eyebrows and has a wicked, feral grin. He wears his ebony wand affixed to his belt.


Lukas is powerful, unpredictable, seductive, and can be arrogant and aggressive. He knows he is a powerful Mage and he knows how attractive he is. He is charismatic and charming when it gets him what he wants. Lukas is casually cynical. He has a penchant for humor at fraught times.[2]


Early History[]

Lukas is the son of Lachlan and Evelyn Grey. His father is the High Commander of the Mage Guard. Lukas's childhood was difficult as his father took every opportunity to beat him. He was never loved for who he was, only wanted for his power and his family's social status. Lukas was a top graduate of Verpax University where he studied military history and languages. Three years after graduating from University, he was made a first lieutenant. Rumor has it that within a year's time he could be the youngest commander in the history of the Mage Guard.

The Black Witch[]

Elloren Gardner's aunt, Vyvian Damon, is fixated on having Elloren become wandfasted to Lukas. Lukas wants to wandfast to Elloren because it would give him the ability to draw from her power even if she herself can't access it. Elloren discovers that since they both share strong affinity lines for the earth, they are unable to lie to each other. However, Lukas still omits secrets from her and vice versa.

Initially he expresses disappointment and to a lesser extent anger when Elloren disagrees with his methods, namely torturing Ariel's pet, telling her harshly that they either dominate or get dominated. Despite their disagreement, he still indicates willingness and eagerness to fast to her.

Meanwhile, Fallon Bane is obsessed with fasting to him, but he is not interested because of her cruelty. He does not believe that Fallon is the next Black Witch, one of the very few to do so. He claims that while Fallon is powerful, she is definitely not on the scale of Carnissa Gardner. However, he never actually tells her he is not interested, though he does assure Elloren that he isn't.

It is revealed that Lukas knows that Marcus Vogel is a fanatic, and doesn't agree with a lot of his plans, but still willingly carries them out as a servant of Gardneria rather than rebelling. He also admits to Elloren that he doesn't really believe in the Gardnerian religion, but that his family doesn't know. He is in Verpax overseeing the Second Division apprentices. After Damion Bane loses Naga, Lukas is placed in charge of the Fourth Division as its Commander.

The Iron Flower[]

Lukas retains his intention to fast to Elloren. The two also attend the Yule Ball together and share an intimate kiss. Elloren is later forced by her Aunt Vyvian to fast to Lukas against her will. Lukas claims he is trying to protect her because if he didn't fast to her, her aunt would pick someone worse. Elloren retorts that she thought he was her friend, to which he replies that he is doing this because he is her friend. Elloren swears she will hate him forever for fasting to her.

The Shadow Wand[]

It is revealed that he fasted to her to save her from fasting with Damion Bane who is a sociopath. Lukas tells Elloren that he is no longer aligned with the Gardnerians. He's been trying to work out the complicated wards that Vogel has placed around himself so he can kill him. Lukas has also begun recruiting high-level Mages to work for the Vu Trin for the eventual overthrow of the Gardnerian government. Lukas also tells Elloren that he has been working with Chi Nam under guise of a cat-and-mouse game of trying to kill her. The Gardnerians don't question Lukas's loyalty, just his morality, gravity, and piety. Multiple men in his life, such as his father, repeatedly tell Lukas to bring Elloren "in hand" and to control her. He plays the part of going along with this in order to try and protect Elloren.

During the Sealing ceremony, Vogel does something to Elloren and Lukas's magic. Lukas now has a much clearer sense of Elloren's magic even when he's not touching her. Before, he could only read her magic when he was touching her and couldn't read it as well as he now can.

It is also revealed that he has been falling in love with her. Believing Yvan to be dead, Elloren fully commits to Lukas and does the Sealing ceremony with him bonding them together as fastmate and which neither of them can break, and in the end, they both profess their love for each other. He gets hit by Vogel's fire while saving Elloren's life and is presumed to be either dead or captured by Vogel to use as bait to get to Elloren.

The Demon Tide

Lukas is held captive by Vogel in the Vo Mountain Range. He is being used by Vogel as bait for Elloren and his mind is slowly being clouded by shadow power.

When the mountain bursts and war begins, Lukas explodes it and kills himself in the process.

Powers & Abilities[]

Lukas is a powerful Level Five Mage. His affinity lines are for fire and earth. He is also trained in various forms of combat. Lukas becomes adept at using rune sorcery, despite the fact that it is forbidden for Mages to use runes from other races. He is mostly trained in using Noi runes. Lukas can amplify the runes that line up with his affinities. He's been trained in the use of runic weaponry. After he becomes fasted and Sealed to Elloren he is able to access Elloren's magic, especially when they're physically close.

He has shown that he can create a strong shield around himself and other people against physical attacks, which Elloren noted has a "buzzing energy." She described being attacked whilst under the protection of the shield as "being hit by rocks while covered by a blanket." Lukas has also used fire magic, which exploded from his wand and engulfed Elloren and him, while still under the shield so they remained unharmed, and Elloren described it to be similar to the two instances when she attempted the candle-lighting spell. Since Elloren's magic is at the scale of being more powerful than Carnissa Gardner, the fact that Lukas can match her implies he is possibly the next strongest Mage after Elloren.

Lukas is trained in various forms of martial arts and other fighting styles. His education has also included military strategy. He is also able to speak multiple languages, including the Common Tongue, Elfhollen, and Noi.


Elloren Gardner[]

Elloren’s aunt, Vyvian Damon, is obsessed with Elloren wandfasting to Lukas. Upon meeting him, Elloren is immediately attracted to him, and he seems interested in her. As they spend more time together, Elloren is concerned by how easily he draws her in. She is both awed and troubled by how ruthlessly and efficiently Lukas wields his power over others. For example, when he threatens Bleddyn, Iris, and Fernyllia. Lukas can be disgusted by Elloren’s softness, something he views as a weakness. For example, when he violently kills Ariel’s chicken, Elloren finds it disturbing and too much. Lukas is disgusted by her reaction.

Lukas tells Elloren that he wants to wandfast to her because it would give him the ability to draw from her power even if she herself can’t access it. Lukas is aware of Elloren’s rebellious leanings, but still wants her, even though he “does not believe in love.” He makes some remarks that indicate he may be sympathetic to the Resistance, but that Elloren is acting rather rashly and being obvious about what she is doing. He implies that she needs to be smarter and learn to play the game.

Elloren discovers that since they both share strong affinity lines for earth, they are unable to lie to each other. She continues to struggle with wanting to be closer to him and wanting to be farther away from him at the same time. Lukas and Elloren are a perfect affinity match with the balance of their elemental lines exactly the same. This is why they are so strongle draw towards each other.

Aunt Vyvian forces Elloren to wandfast to Lukas against her will. Lukas claims he is trying to protect her because if he did not fast to her, Vyvian would pick someone worse. Elloren swears she will hate him forever for fasting to her without her consent. Later, she learns that Lukas was indeed correct about her aunt’s intentions. If he had not wandfasted to her, her aunt would have fasted her to Damion Bane.

As they spend time together training, they fall in love and Elloren decides to fully commit to Lukas. She agrees to do the Sealing ceremony with him, which bonds them together as fastmates, and which neither one can break. Lukas eventually saved Elloren's life by getting hit by Vogel's fire, and it is unknown whether he is still alive.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Wands aren't the only tools of power, Elloren. Find your enemies' weaknesses. And become dangerous."[3]
  • "There's only power, and the lack of it."[4]
  • "He smiles at me through our Sealing connection and mouths, I love you." [5]


  • Before Elloren, Lukas has slept with two different Vu Trin soldiers while they were at the Verpacian base.