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Lupines are a race of shapeshifters that are half-human and half-wolf. They live in the Northern and Southern Lupine Territories.

Physical Appearance[]

Lupines from the Southern packs have striking amber eyes and golden hair. Lupines from the Northern packs have dark hair, deep brown skin, and radiant crimson eyes. Lupines have long canine teeth. They tend to be tall, muscular, and athletic. Lupine men generally have short hair and close-cropped beards. Lupines dress for ease of movement in loose earth-toned tunics over pants and sturdy boots. Their simple dress makes it easier to remove clothing to Change. They move with a fluid, cohesive grace.


Marcus Vogel uses the Shadow Wand to murder the entire species of Lupines, both Northern and Southern. Diana Ulrich and Jarod Ulrich are the only two spared from the slaughter because they happen to be at Verpax University at the time. Afterwards, Gardneria annexes the Lupine Territories, splitting the land with the Alfsigr Elves.


A person can become Lupine who was not born one. They must be bitten by a Lupine, at the base of their throat, hard enough to draw blood, on the night of a full moon. The person's family members could be considered Lupine as well, without having to become Lupine themselves.

It is Lupine custom to introduce oneself by stating your parents and siblings' names and at least the last three generations of one's family. It is also their custom to use a person's full name. Unlike Gardnerian parents, who value modesty and beauty in their daughters, Lupine parents value strength and bravery in women.

Lupines mate for life. When two Lupines decide to take each other as life mates, one of them stands up and announces his or her desire to be with each other to the whole pack. The two then go off privately into the woods to mate. The mutual love and affection of the couple is an absolute given, or the pack would never approve of the match.


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Lupines believe in The Great Mother named Maiya. She is the creator of Erthia. She created the shapeshifters as her special children. Then she made all the other races, but no one is despised or shunned. The Great Mother is accepting and kind.

Powers & Abilities[]

Lupines most formidable power is their ability to shapeshift between their wolf and human forms. They can partially change at will. For example, Diana will often form claws and grow fur on her hands when she threatens people. Lupies are also immune to wand magic. Lupines have superior senses to other races, no matter which form they're in. They can smell the emotions of others, including levels of attraction, and can differentiate between people's blood. They can also hear across large distances. Lupines are viciously strong.

Known Members[]


  • Unlike many other races, Lupine society allows for same-sex relationships.