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The Noi are a race of people in Erthia. They are best known for their military sorceresses, the Vu Trin.

Physical Description[]

The Noi have black hair and eyes. They wear their hair tied into a tight, ropy coil. They tend to have dark brown skin. Their uniforms bear glowing blue rune-marks. The Vu Trin carry curved swords at their sides and rows of silver throwing stars strapped across their chests.


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The Noi serve as a guest military force in Verpacia. They control the western and eastern passes through the Spine. They are positioned to keep Gardnerian and Alfsigr powers confined to the Western Realm. Their presence in Verpacia is part of the treaty agreement that formally ended the Realm War.

Their assassins are called the Kin Hoang, and are their most elite soldiers. The Noi are very mysterious and secretive. Outsiders do not know much about them other than that they are powerful.

The Noi have an informal version of their first name that is longer and indicates a close friendship. For example, Kam Vin's nickname is Kamitra and Ni Vin's nickname is Nilon.


Their language is called Noi, but most refer to it as the Noi language.

Known Words[]

  • Zhilin: The White Wand
  • Toiya: A term of endearment
  • Ahnxils: The Watchers
  • Vhion: The holder of the White Wand
  • Noi'khin: Formal address
  • Khuy lon: Thank you
  • Vuulnor: The Black Witch
  • Wor: The Shadow Wand
  • Nush: no
  • Koi’ na vu’lon nishun ta’noi: Tell me when you can understand me.
  • Ha'voor: Storm bands created by the Zhilon'ile Wyverns after the last Realm War and are virtually impassable.
  • Lo Voi: Powerful crones adept at both rune and portal sorcery.[1]
  • Vonor: A Lo Voi sanctuary that's known to no one else where a Lo Voi can practice their craft in isolation.
  • Koi'lon: The name for the Noi translation rune stone.


The Noi religion is centered on a white dragon goddess named Vo. Vo is a compassionate goddess.

Powers & Abilities[]

The Noi are rune sorceresses. "The Noi men don't have the runic sorcery needed to amplify rune weapon power or create runes."[2] The Noi are also leathal warriors. The Noi seers are tree leaf readers. The seers scry from Black Ginkgo leaves. Noi runes are a glowing blue in color. One of their most common runes is a Noi translation rune. It is placed behind one ear to allow for fluency in a multitde of languages. Portal magic is the purview of the Noi. They make portals using special stones.

Known Members[]


  • It is custom for the Noi to use a person's full name in a formal meeting.
  • Unlike many other races, the Noi allows for same-sex relationships.


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