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The Realm War was a bloody conflict that raged for thirteen years and ended with Carnissa Gardner's death in battle.


The Realm War is viewed by the Gardnerians as a necessary war because Gardneria was attacked and ransacked. By the end of the war, Gardneria was allied with the Alfsigr Elves, was ten times its original size, and was the new, major power in the Western Realm.

Early History[]

Carnissa Gardner was born at a time when Mages saw their borders shrinking as the Kelts reclaimed lost land by rounding up and murdering Gardnerians. She set out not only to avenge the Mages, but to finish what her ancestor, Styvius Gardner, had started. As she honed her power, the Mages secretly built a dragon army to rival the Urisk and Keltish forces. The Gardnerians were aided in this by the despised Urisk underclass, the Uuril.

Carnissa invaded Keltania and quickly annexed it. Then she aligned herself with the Alfsigr Elves. She shipped the remaining Fae, and well as anyone with even a drop of Fae blood, to the Pyrran Isles and took over the Fae Islands. By this point she had turned into a cruel, religious zealot who wanted to wipe out every race in the Western Realm, save the Gardnerian Mages.

An Icaral rose up during Carnissa's push east. He killed her and died doing it. The Icaral was a Keltic healer who gave his life to save Keltania, a society that still harbored lingering prejudice against his kind.