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Sagellyn "Sage" Gaffney is a Gardnerian whose family lives next door to Elloren Gardner's family.

Physical Appearance[]

Like almost all Gardnerians, Sage has black hair and green eyes. Her hands and arms are covered with deep, bloody lash marks that are the result of breaking her wandfasting. Her skin used to be pale with the green shimmer of all Gardnerians, until her light magic turned it purple. Her eyes also turned purple.


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Early History[]

Sage lived next door to Elloren in Halfix. She lived at the Gaffney Estate with her large family. Her parents are Warren and Eliss. She has an older brother, Shane, and four younger siblings, Emmet and Brennan, and two sisters.

Sage used to weave Elloren wreaths of ribbons and meadowlark flowers when they were children. Sage let Elloren play with her little goats. As teenagers, Sage patiently taught Elloren how to embroider intricate designs. They would sit quietly sewing Ironflowers along the hems of their garments. Elloren always admired Sage for her quiet grace and artistic ways.

Her family is zealously religious, and wandfasted her to Tobias Vassilis when she was thirteen. She loathes him. She attended Verpax University when she turned eighteen, but disappeared soon after starting school. She has been missing without a trace for over a year.

Sage later hid with a Kelt named Cirian who was later revealed to be a Smaragdalfar Elf Prince named Ra'ven.

The Black Witch[]

The Watchers bring Elloren to Sage the night before she is to leave for Verpax University. Elloren is shocked to see Sage because no one has seen or heard from her since her disappearance. She is further shocked to see that Sage has given birth to a child and the father is not her fastmate. Sage tells Elloren she needs to give her something, and the gives her the White Wand. Sage tells Elloren that the wand wants to go to her. Sage begs Elloren to not let the Gardnerians get it. Sage tells Elloren that the Mage Council wants her baby because they believe he's the Evil One and that is the reason Elloren's Aunt Vyvian is in Halfix.

At Vyvian's ball a few weeks later, it is revealed that Sage has been Banished. It is a ritual cutting off of a family member. It's reserved for those whose actions are so heinous, "their very existence is to be erased to restore honor and purity two their family."[1]

The Iron Flower[]

Sage's baby is thought to be the Icaral Child of Prophecy.

Power & Abilities[]

Sage is a Level Four Light Mage, the rarest of all Mages. She struggled to learn how to control her power. She gained access to her affinity lines while pregnant with her son. Her light magic favors the purple end of the spectrum. Sage can do a variant of a glamour by changing people's skin colors. For example, she turns Rivyr and a group of Smaragdalfar Elf refugees grey to look Elfhollen. Gardnerian Light Mages can use the runes of all magic systems, and are extremely rare, especially at Sage's level.


Ra'Ven Za'Nor[]

They are lovers and have a son together, Fyn'ir Za'Nor. The two were drawn to each other almost from the moment they met, in part due to their power. He stopped her from throwing herself off a bridge after Tobias abused her.

Fyn'ir Za'Nor[]

Fyn'ir is Sage's son, and she is incredibly protective of him. She is willing to sacrifice anything to keep him safe. Almost everyone believes him to be the Icaral of Prophecy.





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