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Selkies are a race of shapeshifters. They are half-human and half-seal.

Physical Appearance[]

Selkies have two forms, seal and human. They change from their seal form to their human one by "shedding their skins" when they come ashore during a full moon. When they shed their skin, they also shed their power. This leaves them vulnerable to other magic and unable to protect themselves.

In their seal form, they are strong and fierce predators. When in possession of their skin, they're "stronger than the strongest Mages."

In their human form, they are incredibly beautiful. They have long, silver hair that sparkles like sun glinting off a waterfall. Their skin is translucent and so pale it's almost blue. Their bodies are lithe and graceful. There are gills on both sides their neck that look like slender rows of silver slits. Their eyes are very large and pale gray, like the sea.[1]


It's believed that long ago the Selkies were enchanted by a sea witch. Every full moon they come to shore to change from their seal form to their human form. The Gardnerians claim the Selkies attacked sailors and dismantled ships. They used this as justification for enslaving them.

Selkies are often captured by Gardnerians when they come ashore and take on their human form. The Gardnerians steal their skins and hide them, in order to keep the Selkies trapped in their powerless human form. This allows the Gardnerians to enslave the Selkies and use them as prostitutes. The Selkies are kept in locked cages or chained up. If a Selkie's skin is destroyed, they become a soulless shell, with no emotion, like the living dead.



They speak Seal, to humans it sounds like loud musical noises, shrieks, croaks, and clicks.

Powers & Abilities[]

Selkies have power only in their seal form.


  • Selkies love music.

Known Members[]





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