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Smaragdalfar Elves are a species of green-scaled Elves that live underground.

Physical Appearance[]

Smaragdalfar Elves look reptilian. Their bodies look scaled in appearance, though are completed covered in a small, jeweled pattern that resembles scales. They have long hair that matches their skin color. Like the Alfsigr Elves, they have gracefully pointed ears and silver eyes. They wear deep green tunics and pants with looping black embroidery edging their garments.


The Smaragdalfar have been imprisoned underground by the Alfsigr as laborers in the mines. Even young children are given lumenstone quotas, and if they don't meet them, they're beaten and sometimes killed. The Gardnerian Mage Guard is helping to enslave the Smaragdalfar. The Gardnerians are aligned with the Alfsigr militarily because the Gardnerian Guilds benefit from access to the mines.

The Smaragdalfar Elves have always had close ties with the wyvern shifters. They were closely allied during the Realm War. The wyverns tried to free the Smaragdalfar from the Alfsigr during the Realm War, but they failed. Most were murdered and the rest were imprisoned with the Smaragdalfar in the sublands. The Alfsigr placed Elfin-steel bands around the shifters' wrists and ankles. These bands would cripple the wyverns if they shifted, so they are bound in human form.


Smaragdalfar Elves are forced to work in mines deep below the Alfsigr Lands by the Alfsigr Elves. They are locked in their underground cities and controlled with mine demons and pit dragons. The Gardnerians and the Alfsigr despise them and call them Deep-Earth Elves and Snake Elves. These are considered very derogatory names. The Gardnerians believe they are dangerous criminals.


They speak Smaragdalfar, which is called "Low Alfsigr" by the Alfsigr Elves. The Smaragdalfar language is older than the Alfsigr language. It's incredibly insulting to call it "Low Alfsigr."

Known Words[]

  • Al'mya: term of endearment for a child
  • Ma'mya: mother
  • Fav'ya: father
  • Ohn: no
  • Silhe'lk: frighten
  • Sile'lk: small fish
  • Ti'a'lin: Beloved
  • Eyil'lynorin: The White Wand
  • Ti'a'elon: I love you


The Smaragdalfar Elves' goddess is called Oo'na. She is also known as the Great Mother.

Powers & Abilities[]

Smaragdalfar Elves have the ability to glamour their appearance. They also have magic through the use of runes. Those who practice magic are called rune-sorcerers and rune-sorcereresses. Smaragdalfar Elf runes are a glowing emerald green. They are circular and made of telescoping, geometric designs.

Known Members[]