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The Shadow Wand is the third novel in The Black Witch Chronicles series by Laurie Forest.



Elloren Gardner hides the most powerful secret in all Erthia—she is the Black Witch of Prophecy, and destined to triumph… or be used as the ultimate weapon of destruction.

Separated from everyone she loves, isolated and hunted, Elloren must turn to the last person she can trust—her fastmate, Commander Lukas Grey. With the Mage forces of Gardneria poised to conquer all of Erthia, Elloren has no choice but to ally with Lukas and combine their power to keep herself out of the hands of Gardnerian leader Marcus Vogel… the holder of the all-consuming Shadow Wand.

With just weeks to train to become a warrior, and no control over her magic, Elloren finds unexpected allies among those under orders to kill her. It’s time to step up. To fight back. And to forge onward through the most devastating loss yet.


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  1. Evil Ones; Thierren Stone
  2. Forest Guardians; Vyvian Damon
  3. Heretic; Thierren Stone
  4. Escape; Sparrow Trillium
  5. Shadow Rising; Wynter Eirllyn

Part One

  1. The Black Witch; Elloren Gardner
  2. Magical Addiction; Elloren Gardner
  3. Wyvernguard Mage; Trystan Gardner and Vothendrile Xanthile
  4. Wyvernguard Fae; Tierney Calix
  5. Death Fae; Tierney Calix
  6. Rebellion; Thierren Stone
  7. Runic Eye; Yvan Guryev

Part Two

  1. Commander Lukas Grey; Elloren Gardner
  2. Evelyn Grey; Elloren Gardner
  3. Vases; Elloren Gardner
  4. Victory Ball; Elloren Gardner
  5. Ally; Elloren Gardner
  6. Shadow Wand; Elloren Gardner
  7. Ironflowers; Elloren Gardner
  8. Portal; Elloren Gardner
  9. Prey; Elloren Gardner
  10. Orders; Elloren Gardner
  11. Alliance; Elloren Gardner

Part Three

  1. Threat; Sparrow Trillium
  2. Next of Kin; Elloren Gardner
  3. Fealty; Elloren Gardner
  4. The Sealing; Elloren Gardner
  5. Private Forest; Elloren Grey
  6. Sealing Night; Elloren Grey
  7. Ashes; Elloren Grey
  8. Escape; Elloren Grey
  9. War; Elloren Grey
  10. Tracked; Elloren Grey
  11. Rune Sorcery; Elloren Grey
  12. Shadow Eyes; Elloren Grey

Part Four

  1. Vonor; Elloren Grey
  2. Desert Lair; Elloren Grey
  3. Desert Trees; Elloren Grey
  4. Military Apprentice; Elloren Grey

Part Five

  1. Zalyn'or Wynter Eirllyn
  2. Shunned; Rhysindor Thorim
  3. Storm Rising; Vothendrile Xanthile
  4. Shadow Invasion; Tierney Calix

Part Six

  1. Wraith Bats; Elloren Grey
  2. Shadow Fire; Elloren Grey
  3. Conflagration; Elloren Grey




  • The book begins in the Fourth Month and ends in the Seventh Month.