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Trystan Gardner is the youngest Gardner child, and the brother of Elloren Gardner and Rafe Gardner.

Physical Appearance[]

Trystan is tall with a wiry frame. Like most Gardnerians he has black hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin with an emerald shimmer. He is startlingly handsome. His face has angular features. His skin "glimmers like it's dusted witth deep-green gems."[1]

After being granted full Noi citizenship, Trystan uses his Wyvernguard apprentice wages to undergo a complete physical transformation. He dyes his hair sky blue and gets a dragon tattoo that stretches from his neck down his entire torso. He has piercings along the entire edge of his ears, both eyebrows, and through the side of his lip.


Trystan has a quiet and studious nature. He loves going to the University. He is almost always calm and nothing much seems to ruffle him. While he appears like the dutiful nephew to Vyvian, he is anything but. Trystan is not easily intimidated. He has a subversive will about him. Trystan also has a bone-deep cynicism and is a bit of a renegade. Trystan is someone with a true, unbreachable, single-minded purpose.


Early History[]

Trystan, along with Elloren and Rafe, grew up in Halfix with their uncle, Edwin Gardner. His parents died when he was two. Trystan has been studying at Verpax University.

At only sixteen, he has been pre-accepted into the Gardnerian Weapons Guild and apprenticed with the military due to rarity of being a Level Five Mage.

The Black Witch[]

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The Iron Flower[]

The Shadow Wand[]

Trystan arrives at the Wyvernguard. He is only allowed admittance because High Commander Vang Troi ordered that he be allowed to attend and given a chance to prove himself.

The Demon Tide[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Trystan is a Level Five Mage. His affinity lines are for fire and water. He is very powerful and has been trained in weapons magic, a particularly dangerous type of magic. He is also a talented bowmaker and fletcher.


Elloren Gardner and Rafe Gardner[]

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Vothendrile Xanthile[]

Trystan and Vothe are both immediately attracted to each other, as is their magic. Upon meeting, their powers collide. Trystan thinks Vothe is the "most dazzlingly beautiful young man he's ever seen."[2] However, Vothe immediately hates Trystan because of who his family is.

Memorable Quotes[]



  • Trystan is gay, but has to keep it a secret because it is illegal in Gardneria.


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