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Urisk are a race in the Western Realm. They are looked down on by Gardnerians as "not pure."

Physical Appearance[]

Urisk vary in appearance depending on their class. However, all Urisk have pointed ears. Urisk of the upper class have soft lavender skin with straight violet hair. Urisk of the lower class have white, rose-tinted skin, hair, and eyes. They are so pale that they could almost pass for Alfsigr Elves were it not for the faintly pink sheen of their skin and hair. A middle class Urisk has blue skin and vivid sapphire eyes.

The Urisk royalty have deep purple skin, hair, and eyes, while the lowest class has white and rose-tinted skin, hair, and eyes. The lower class Urisk are called Uuril.


The Urisk originally came from a country called Uriskan. It was razed by Carnissa Gardner's fire magic. After the Realm War the Gardnerian government killed all the male Urisk. The remaining female Urisk are allowed to live in Gardneria as guest workers. Upper class Urisk work as servants, such as the ones at Vyvian Damon's house. Lower class Urisk work as laborers such as the workers on the Gaffney's farm. Gardnerian history teaches their people that the Sidhe Fae subdued and ruled over the Urisk. Later, the Kelts subdued the Fae in what seemed like an endless cycle of warfare and violence.



The Urisk language is called Uriskal.


Powers & Abilities[]

Urisk males were powerful geomancers, able to harness the full, destructive powers of stones and gems. Their existence was seen as a threat to Gardneria. The female Urisk are completely devoid of magic.

Known Members[]