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Verpacia is a country located in the Western Realm of Erthia. People from this country are called Verpacians.


Verpacia occupies a thin sliver of territory between the Northern and Southern Spine mountain ranges. The western pass opens near Valgard, Gardneria, and the eastern pass opens near the Eastern Desert. There are two major forested areas in the southern part of the country.

Verpacia is populated by a variety of ethnic groups. The main ones are the Verpacians, Gardnerians, Elfhollen, and Kelts.


Verpacia is a central trade route in the region, facilitating the movement of goods between the west and the east. It is also the location of Verpax University, located in the capital city of Verpax, just inside the western pass.

When Verpacia becomes annexed by Gardneria, the country's name is changed to the Verpacian Province of Gardneria, or the Verpacian Province for short. The Verpacian military base is destroyed by the Vu Trin when Noilaan and Gardneria declare war on each other.


The government of Verpacia is the Verpacia Council. The military of Verpacia is formidable and supported by the Vu Trin sorceresses and the Elfhollen. There is a Vu Trin military base located at the western pass, and three bases located at the eastern pass.


The main geographic feature of Verpacia is the Verpacia Spine, an impassable mass of vertical rock that borders the country of Verpacia. It is a white-gray rock that reaches high up into the sky and the tops of the mountains are covered by clouds. Multiple guard towers are carved into the cliffs, hewn from the rock itself. There are two ways through the Spine, the western pass and the eastern pass. The Northern and Southern Spines are like two great walls bracketing the entire country. It is unknown if Verpacia's territory continues into the Eastern Realm, or if they only maintain Vu Trin military bases in the area. Verpacian architecture is unfiorm in style and is based on Spine-stone.

Notable Locations[]

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  • Verpacia's borders are ward-magicked.
  • The Verpacians' flag is a four-pointed star on a gray background.