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Verpacians live in the country of Verpacia. Verpacians accept many into their territory but the main two that defend the country are the Vu Trin sorcerers and the Elfhollen.

Physical Appearance[]

The Vu Trin are female sorceresses and fierce warriors with black hair and eyes. Their uniform is black with shimmering blue rune-marks. They are heavily armed with a pair of curved swords at the sides and rows of silver throwing stars strapped across their chests.

Elfhollen are part-Elf and have Mountain Fae blood, they have grey eyes, skin, and hair.


The Vu Trin are a guest military force in Verpacia that control the western and eastern passes through the Spine. Their presence is part of the treaty agreement that formally ended the Realm War. The men of their race do not have magic so the main force of their military is women. They specialize in border wards.


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Powers & Abilities[]

  • The Elfhollen are not magical nor they can do the stylus magic that Alfsigr Elves can. They are excellent archers.
  • The Vu Trin are powerful sorceresses. They do this through runes and specialize in border magic. Only the females are magical.

Known Members[]

  • Mistress Roslyn: dressmaker in Verpax City


  • The Verpacians' flag is a four-pointed star on a gray background.
  • It is completely forbidden for women to nurse in public. Women must nurse privately and with the baby hidden away underneath loose tunics.