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Vyvian Damon is Elloren Gardner's wealthy paternal aunt. She is a member of the Mage Council and a rare female powerful Mage.

Physical Description[]

Vyvian is considered to be the "absolute epitome of what a Gardnerian woman is supposed to look like."[1] She has waist-length black hair, deep green eyes, and swirling black wandfasting lines marking her hands. She is very elegant and looks like "a fine painting." Her voice is smooth and even her laugh is graceful. Her eyes are "sharp as ice." She wears a stunning, black, formfitting tunic that hangs over a long, dark skirt with silk embroidery of delicate, curling vines.


Vyvian initially seems nice, but her cruelty and bigotry become more and more obvious, especially as her position of power becomes threatened by her niece and nephews' floating of Gardnerian laws and traditions. Vyvian has a black-and-white morality. Either one is with her faction of Gardnerians, or they are against them. She is willing to kill anyone she views as against her, even her own family. She is creative at manipulating others. Vyvian loves fashion and is always well-dressed. She is traditional in every other way though. She sends Elloren outfits that are stunning but very daring.


Early History[]

Vyvian was born Vyvian Gardner to Carnissa Gardner. Her brothers are Edwin and Vale Gardner. As a child, her mother was usually off conquering lands for Gardneria, so Vyvian was raised by one of her mother's Urisk servants. It is implied that her nursemaid was cruel and abusive towards her. According to Vale, there were several instances when he had to threaten the Urisk woman to spare Vyvian from the rod. The trauma of her childhood is believed to be the source of her hatred of other races.

She was wandfasted to a Gardnerian man whose first name is never mentioned. Her fastmate fought and died during the Realm War. They had no children together.Vyvian lives in Valgard. She is the only woman to ever sit on the Mage Council. Until coming to Halfix to discuss Elloren's future with Edwin, she hardly ever visited. She always travels with an armed entourage.

The Black Witch[]

Vyvian comes to Halfix to discuss Elloren's future with Edwin. She wants to get Elloren wandfasted to Lukas Grey and then apprentice her with the Mage Council. When Edwin refused to allow Elloren to be wandfasted, Vyvian tells him that she will not pay Elloren's university fees until she is wandfasted.

The Iron Flower[]

The Shadow Wand[]

The Demon Tide[]

Power & Abilities[]


Edwin Gardner & Vale Gardner[]

Vyvian and Edwin are siblings. Vyvian is domineering and Edwin is visibly nervous around her. Vyvian was unsympathetic toward the death of her brothers. She loathed Vale's fastmate, believing that Tessla wanted to run off with a Kelt. She refused to believe that Tessla and Vale genuinely loved each other. She called her trash even after her death.

Elloren Gardner[]

Elloren is desperate for Vyvian's approval and attention at first. She had been hungry for a mother figure her whole life and wanted female guidance. Vyvian treats Elloren terribly, particularly after Elloren finds out just how cruel her aunt really is.



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