Wandfasting is a magical bond between a Gardnerian male and female that is for life. It is the equivalent of getting married.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tradition dictates that women are wandfasted at seventeen. However, wandfasting has been happening at increasingly younger ages for women. It is now not uncommon for a Gardnerian woman to be fasted at thirteen. When someone has been wandfasted, they have black swirls that cover their hands and extend to their wrist. The design is unique to each couple and is influenced by their Mage affinity lines. If a person breaks their wandfasting, their hands and arms become covered in painful, deep, bloody lash marks. This is called "fast-breaking." Instead of referring to their partner as husband or wife, they refer to their partner as their "fastmate."

The Gardnerians believe that wandfasting is meant to keep them "pure and chaste." They claim it keeps young people on the path of virtue and is also viewed as "one of the many things that sets them apart from the heretic races."[1]

Styvius Gardner set down in "The Blessed Mages" the commandment that Gardnerian Mage women are to wandfast to Gardnerian men at an early age to keep their magic affinity lines pure and their Mage blood untainted. Styvius created the highly protected spells that are still used for the Gardnerian sacrament of wandfasting. Women who broke their wandfasting commitment with non-Gardnerians were to be struck down as brutally as possible, along with their non-Gardnerian lovers. The man's family was also killed, as a lesson to all. A Banishment ceremony was required to exorcise the Evil out of the woman from her family.

References[edit | edit source]

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