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Wandfasted is a prequel to The Black Witch, and part of The Black Witch Chronicles by Laurie Forest.


Twenty years before Elloren Gardner enrolled at the illustrious Verpax University, Erthia was rent asunder during the devastating Realm War. When Tessla Harrow is driven from her home by the fighting, she discovers a depth of power she never knew she had... and an irresistible draw towards Vale Gardner, the son of the most powerful mage her people have ever known – the Black Witch.

Tessla Harrow is a Gardnerian Mage living in a world filled with Kelts who want to kill her. Her best friend Jules Kristian is in love with her, but she doesn’t feel the same, and even if she did he’s a Kelt, and the only thing that will make people hate her more is crossing that last line. They would call her a race traitor, a staen’en. This book follows Tessla, as she goes through first, a battle with the Kelts, then the judgement of the other Gardnerians who believe she is unpure, and then finally her own Wandfasting.

Plot Overview[]

Tessla Harrow is a Gardnerian Mage living in a world filled with Kelts who want to kill her. We open on Tessla is in the market, trying to sell her herbal remedies in order to get enough money to leave town. She can feel violence brewing, and she wants to get her family as far away as she can before they become targets. 

In Chapter 2, we meet Teslla's best friend Jules who is studying magic at the university. We learn that Jules is in love with Tessla and wants to Wandfast to her, but she doesn't feel the same about him.

Kelts storm into the market with a cart full of bound and gagged Gardnerians, is that she is a day late. Jules helps her run but they’re too late, and they are captured by Kelts who take them to the main camp, presumably to be executed. She is thrown in a barn with all the other captives, where she finds out her Grandfather and sick little brother Wren are also being held.