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Warren Gaffney is the head of the Gaffney family and Sage Gaffney's father.

Physical Description[]

As a Gardnerian, he has black hair and green eyes. His skin is pale and has a faint emerald shimmer. He wears high-necked, dour, conservative clothing.


Warren is known to be a hard man who is feared by his family. He is zealously religious. He beats his fastmate, Eliss Gaffney.


Warren lives at the Gaffney Estate in Halfix with his fastmate and children. He is one of the wealthiest men in Gardneria. Warren is the head of the Agricultural Guild and sits on the Mage Council. When his daughter Sage was thirteen, he wandfasted her to Tobias Vassilis.

The Black Witch[]

Warren attends Vyvian Damon's ball with his wife and oldest son, Shane Gaffney. They are being hugged by a series of well-wishers. It is revealed that Sage has been Banished. It is a ritual cutting off of a family member in order to "restore honor and purity to the family."[1]

Warren is aligned with Marcus Vogel.


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