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Wynter Eirllyn is part-Alfsigr Elf and part-Icaral. She is the daughter of Elfin royalty.

Physical Appearance[]

Wynter is similar in appearance to other Alfsigr Elves. She has silver eyes and long white hair decorated with tiny braids. She has pale skin, gracefully pointed ears, and wears ivory clothing. She also has thin, black wings that she often keeps wrapped around herself like a blanket. She looks weak and sad. While she has wings, she is unable to fly. She speaks with a heavy accent.


Wynter is an artist and spends all her time drawing, sculpting, and writing poetry. She is also a beautiful singer. According to her brother, Cael Eirllyn, had she not been born an Icaral, her artistic talents would cause the Alfsigr Elves to worship her art. She hardly ever speaks and seems afraid of her own shadow. She wouldn't hurt anyone. Wynter is incredibly shy and fearful because the people around her treat her as if she does not exist or are terrible to her. Underneath her quiet and shy nature is someone who is extremely kind and caring.


Early History[]

Wynter has a difficult childhood. She was taught that she should be ashamed and embarrassed for being an Icaral. Wynter's brother is Cael Eirllyn. He loves her dearly and is the only reason she has not been cast out of Alfsigr lands already. If she were to get in trouble at Verpax University, she'd be cast out of Alfsigr lands and never allowed to return.

The Black Witch[]

The Iron Flower[]

The Shadow Wand[]

The Demon Tide[]

Power & Abilities[]

  • Empathic Magic - Wynter is an empath, meaning she can read other people's minds and emotions through touch. As an Icaral, Wynter can summon fire and mentally communicate with other winged animals.


Ariel Haven[]

Ariel is Wynter's closest friend. Ariel views herself as Wynter's protector and doesn't want to leave her.

Cael Eirllyn[]

Cael and Wynter are very close. Cael and his second, Rhys Thorim, are the only ones who offer protection for Wynter. Cael loves Wynter dearly and supports her however he can.

Memorable Quotes[]