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Yvan Guriel is part-Icaral, part-Lasair Fae, and part-Kelt. He uses his magic to glamour himself into looking like a Kelt while he attends Verpax University.

Physical Description[]

Yvan normally glamours himself to appear to be a Kelt. He has dark brown hair and incredibly green eyes that seem to change from lime green to gold. He is tall, dazzling, and devastatingly handsome. He has a perfectly symmetrical face with starkly angular features. He has a lanky build and his Icaral wings are glamored to look like a tattoo on his back. Normally he is stern-faced, but he has a broad, kind smile that transforms him into a completely different person.

In his Icaral form, he has large, wide, black wings made of dark, glossy feathers that seem to shimmer with a rainbow of colors when hit by the light. Yvan also has naturally bright red hair, like fire. His eyes change from green to golden as well.


Yvan has an intense personality. He can be hot-blooded and outspoken. Because of his father's death, Yvan has a strong hatred of all Gardnerians. He is kind and fiercely protective of those he cares about.


Early History[]

Yvan's father died during the Realm War. His father was the Icaral who fought and died with Carnissa Gardner in the final battle of the War.

He was almost expelled the previous year for practicing medicine without Guild approval on some Urisk kitchen worker. He is a physician's apprentice and also works in the kitchens at Verpax. He grew up in the Lyndon region of Keltania with his mother.

The Black Witch[]

Elloren Gardner first sees Yvan at Orientation. She is shocked by the visible hatred he shows towards her. She also learns that her brothers, Rafe and Trystan, are his roommates. As they spend more time together working in the kitchens, Yvan's ability as an empath cause him to soften towards her because he can feel Elloren's sincerity and how she is truly different from her grandmother. He was the only person who showed any outward sign of distress about Iris and Bleddyn's treatment of Elloren.

The Iron Flower[]

Yvan's true personality of being kind and protective was more apparent here. He was also conflicted because he was falling in love with Elloren despite the fact that they should hate each other due to their family's history. Elloren discovers that Yvan is the Icaral of Prophecy, not Sage Gaffney's baby as everyone thinks. She also learns that his father was Valentin Guryev, the Icaral that killed Carnissa Gardner.

When Yvan and Elloren become bonded mates, they kiss and Yvan gives her his Wyvernfire.

The Shadow Wand[]

Yvan is with a group of the Vu Trin at the Oonlon Military Base in Noilaan.

Yvan is killed by Mavrik Glass who is glamoured to appear to be a Vu Trin. A few months later, Elloren suddenly feels Yvan's Wyvernfire in her affinity lines.

Powers & Abilities[]

Yvan does not yet fully understand his abilities because his father died when he was very young. As part-Lasair Fae, Yvan has fire magic. He can create and wield it, and can't be burned by it. His Fae blood also gives him the power to glamour himself at will. Yvan has strong healing powers. He can heal himself and others. Yvan is a partial empath. He is unable to read the thoughts of others, but he can sometimes sense what they are feeling. As an Icaral, he can summon fire and can mentally communicate with other winged animals.


Elloren Gardner[]

Yvan originally hates Elloren upon meeting her. As time goes on, and Yvan gets to know Elloren he realizes how different she is from other Gardnerians. They know a relationship is forbidden, but struggle to resist their pull toward each other.

Memorable Quotes[]